Loceryl Nail Lacquer 5%

Have you noticed any changes that are unusual in any way on your nails?
Are they discoloured, have yellow streaks or patches, thickened, brittle or broken?
This could be a sign that you have a nail fungal infection.

Using Loceryl to treat infection

LOCERYL® 5% Nail Lacquer

It takes an anti-fungal medicine to treat a nail fungal infection. 1

LOCERYL 5% actively kills the fungus causing the nail infection.2,3 LOCERYL® 5%’s unique lacquer coats and penetrates the nail and keeps killing the fungus for 7 days*.3-5
Treatment should be continued until the infected nail has grown out and a healthy nail has grown back.

*Apply LOCERYL® 5% once to twice weekly.