Cure Nail Fungus with Loceryl 5% Nail Lacquer

Have you noticed any changes that are unusual in any way on your nails?
Are they discoloured, have yellow streaks or patches, thickened, brittle or broken?
This could be a sign that you have a nail fungal infection.

Using Loceryl to treat infection

LOCERYL® 5% Nail Lacquer

It takes an anti-fungal medicine to treat a nail fungal infection. 1

LOCERYL 5% actively kills the fungus causing the nail infection.2,3 LOCERYL® 5%’s unique lacquer coats and penetrates the nail and keeps killing the fungus for 7 days*.3-5
Treatment should be continued until the infected nail has grown out and a healthy nail has grown back.

*Apply LOCERYL® 5% once to twice weekly.